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The fine print


Alle prisene hos Abbott & Mosley er inkl. 20 % svensk VAT. Land utenfor EU er underlagt visse VAT- og tollavgifter. VAT blir satt ned i kassen.

Countries outside the EU

All prices on our homepage include Swedish VAT which is 20% of the price. When you order from a country within the EU, Hong Kong, China or Singapore (orders below 400 SGD) and Australia/ New Zealand (orders below 6000 SEK) you pay the price including VAT and no other fees are added. When you order from a country outside of the EU, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Switzerland or Australia/ New Zealand the Swedish VAT is deducted from the price, instead you pay VAT and customs duty in your homeland.

The deduction or inclusion of the VAT is to meet the recommended retail price.

Tax & Customs

Non-EU countries are subject to ceratin VAT and customs duties.